Furnace Cleaning
Fewer breakdowns
Less maintenance
Reduce heating and cooling utility costs
Ensure clean air for allergy and asthma sufferers
Reduce dust build-up in new or renovated homes
Our certified technicians connect a state-of-the-art industrial power vacum truck capable of moving thousands of cubic feet of air per minute to your duct and furnace system.
Make sure to avoid cheap low power portable units duct cleaning "Kits" attached to carpet cleaning equipment.
Our Method
The furnace panels are removed making the entire unit accessible
Clean through heat exchanger using high-pressure air and our vacuum system The Fan Compartment is Cleaned.
The Filter Housing is cleaned.
The blower motor is air washed through all fan blades and motor access. Depending upon the build up of the system, the blower may need to be removed and cleaned with a far more intensive procedure.
After completion of service, the furnace is run and cycled; then reassembled. The technician will clean the entire work area and make sure all accessories are put back into their original place, as well as address any further questions the customer may have.
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